First of all MIS is Management Information System, so make it clear that Management takes all decision on the basis of reports and information prepared by the MIS Department. It is brain of a company. Its responsibilities would be such as making entries in company’s software program, preparing reports from that data, Data analysis & Presentation, team work, and very importantly implementation & adherence to MIS.

Microsoft Excel is one of the greatest, most powerful, most important software applications of all time. It provides enormous capacity to do quantitative analysis, letting you do anything from statistical analyses of databases with hundreds of thousands of records to complex estimation tools with user-friendly front ends. And unlike traditional statistical programs, it provides an intuitive interface that lets you see what happens to the data as you manipulate them.

As a consequence, Excel is everywhere you look in the business world especially in areas where people are adding up numbers a lot, like marketing, business development, sales, and, Operations, finance etc. ERP’s like SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft are end to end financial suites but at the end of the day people do financial analysis by extracting data from those back-end systems and shoving it around in Excel spreadsheets.

MIS Course designed to learn Excel, Data Analysis and Reporting and stay ahead in their performances. And apart from excel analysis we will teach you use of VBA Macros in Excel, Access, Power Point Presentation and lots of Report making techniques to speed up your Reports with accuracy.

This course is for everyone who in Finance, Marketing, Data Analyzer or specially working as a MIS person.